Some Common Dental Problems That Can Be Fixed

Dentists will deal with kinds of teeth care or gum issues on a daily basis in Australia, but some occur much more frequently than the rest. These common issues can be prevented with good dental hygiene at home and visiting a dentist twice a year for regular cleaning and checkups. Sometimes people with great dental care routines might still have to deal with dental issues as well. So if you are suffering from dental problems, facing discomfort or dealing with pain or sensitive teeth, do get it checked out as soon as you can without delay – or the condition will worsen.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is probably one of the most common issues that people deal with that are also known as cavities or dental caries. Tooth decay can be prevented by good brushing techniques, daily flossing, dental checkups and eating less sugar or caffeinated foods or drinks. Eating more sugary or starchy foods can increase the chances of tooth decay. Younger children are usually the most common sufferers of this issue due to their enamel being less tough than adults. Tooth decay is also common in older people due to age factors.

Stained or Discoloured Teeth

This is an issue that is commonly faced by older people, smokers or even those who suffer from certain medical conditions too. Drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee can cause this issue. Nicotine-stained teeth are also commonly seen in smokers as well. It is common for people to resort to a better teeth whitening procedures to removes stains and discolouring.

Gum Disease or Periodontitis

Gum diseases are sometimes an indicator of other health issues and dental clinic and around Australia often have patients with such issues. Periodontitis is caused due to plaque build-up where the bacteria starts to affect the gums by eating away at the tissues and ligaments. The sooner you visit a dentist the better – especially when you start noticing the symptoms. It is better dealt with during the early stages as is it can take longer to reverse when it has progressed further, and it can be quite painful with bleeding gums.

Enamel Degradation

Enamel degradation is probably one of main issues that causes dental cavities which occurs when the enamel wears down. The teeth can become more stained and discoloured as well. While the enamel cannot be repaired, this issue can be prevented quite easily by cutting back on fizzy drinks, sugar or wines. A good dental routine complete with flossing is the best way to prevent this issue.