Healing- Nature\’s Way

As humans, we are born into this world, pursue our destinies, live our lives, sometimes with regrets, achieve our goals and dreams, and then finally breathe our last breath. As humans we will face sickness many a time in our lives, and will probably die as a result of sickness. Sickness is almost universal, in the sense that everyone will experience it at one time or another, in their lifetime. The medical field has made advances in leaps and bounds, and now practically every sickness can be treated or cured. A facet that many people try to ignore is that medicine, is inherently harmful, has a lot of harmful side effects, and can be quite poisonous and dangerous. This reason has made many people look for a natural way of cure, and try natural medicine that is perfectly safe and is free of harmful side effects.

Natural medicine, which is known as ‘Naturopathy’ emphasizes prevention, treatment and optimal health, through therapeutic methods that promote health and wellbeing Naturopathic medicine has evolved from a combination of traditional practices and approaches to health care that originated in 19th century Europe. There are physicians that are licensed to practice naturopathic medicine, and they offer various naturopathic services. They use different approaches to treatment, some of them which are, dietary and lifestyle changes, dietary supplements, homeopathy, detoxification, exercise therapy, counseling and stress reduction.

Through naturopathic treatment, you can experience the healing power of nature, without side effects that modern medicine entails. The rule all naturopathic physicians deem as sacred is ‘first to no harm’; or in Latin ‘Primum Non Nocere’, which together with ‘Tolle Causam’ which means, identify and treat the causes, which sets the foundation of naturopathic medical practice. Another feature of naturopathic medicine is that they treat the whole person, instead of just a singular problem or symptom, and this involves spiritual health, and physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social wellbeing. Naturopathic physicians also encourage individuals, to pursue spiritual development for total well being.

Massage also can help to relieve stiffness in muscles, and tendons, thereby inducing health and wellbeing.Naturopathic medicine also recognizes as fact the body’s inherent ability to heal itself; therefore they expedite the body’s healing process by removing obstructions that hinder recovery, in order to facilitate natural healing ability. Instead of eliminating symptoms, or merely suppressing them, they seek to identify the underlying cause of illness and remove them. Since naturopathic physicians use holistic approaches to treatment, with a strong emphasis on disease prevention, it is well worth a try, if you are sick of the side effects that result in taking modern medicine.